WYLIE Hose Reel

WYLIE Hose Reel



Hose Reel



With no hose hook in sight that matched modern home aesthetics, we decided to make one. Whether installed in the front or back yard, the WYLIE is certain to make a splash.



Silver and Black ship June

Built for reel life.


DESIGN   Tim Barnes / William May @ SHIFTSPACE

MATERIAL   Coated Aluminum

DIMENSIONS   Length 13", Height 14", Width 8"


As one of our best sellers since 2009, WYLIE holds a minimalist and modern take on the utilitarian garden hose reel. SHIFT was born outdoors, so we’re committed to engaging and activating our exterior home environments - including the less considered, but thoroughly visible and heirloom quality hose reel. Since its redesign in 2016, WYLIE is a lighter hose wall hanger made of a durable thick gauge aluminum and powder-coated variety. 


Made in the U.S., WYLIE upholds our insistence on minimizing noise hand-in-hand with sustainable living. Whether you’re entertaining, watering your plants, or reading a book this clean and wall mountable hose reel will elevate your outdoor porch and patio. The WYLIE Hose Reel brings outdoor living and garden design up to speed for urban, country, or suburban environments.


Like all SHIFT products, WYLIE Hose Reel is made in the USA.


WYLIE can be custom coated and fabricated in small batch quantities for retail or development use. Inquire with our friendly team at sales@shiftmakes.com to get started.