Fairmount Tile Planter

Fairmount Tile Planter


A flat-packed aluminum tile planter for building lightweight, modular gardens in private and public spaces. Flat packed, 4 tiles included per set.

FAIRMOUNT Tile Planter, Raw Aluminum | Modern Outdoor Living / @shiftmakes | Browse at www.shiftmakes.com/fairmount

designer           SHIFTSPACE
origin                USA
material            uncoated aluminum, burlap, epdm rubber feet
dimensions       length: 15.2” | width: 15.2” | height: 4.7”


Stoop and patio gardening options are limited, and the existing ones are permanent and rigid. Fairmount flips the urban garden on it's head by encouraging growth and modularity.

FAIRMOUNT Living Tile (Set of 4)

The tiles increase energy efficiency by deflecting heat that otherwise would permeate your roof. Manage a creative, modern Eden while solving small, urban space issues. Each planter comes with four rubber feet to prevent racking and aluminum reactions with copper roofing.


Whether you’re building a rooftop lounge, a living roof, patio garden or adding a bit of green to your stoop - Fairmount is a modern solution to gardening organically in the city or small space. Each flat packed in a set of four within pizza boxes, Fairmount is a great gift for the green-thumber or urban farmer you know.