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Summer Outdoor Vibes

Spring is officially sprung - and I've got a new patio to outfit. Admittedly, it's a small space and we rent, so looking at traditional patio setups isn't particularly suitable. We're also just not that interested in replicating existing models of outdoor living. There's GOT to be more.

To give an overview of where my head's at, the Shift team has curated a few examples, tips and tricks towards getting the kind of space you deserve this Spring and Summer. Many of which may or may not make their way into my urban balcony as well this summer.

Check out Shift's [Gather Pinterest board][1] for a continuously updated feed of ideas for places to entertain, and reach out to our team at with more ideas to share if you've got 'em!

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Gift Guide 2017

Happy Holidays!

To ring in this joyous month of December (whew, we made it), we've compiled a gift guide curated by our team for the most discerning people on your list. 

Since each item at SHIFT is made in the USA, we stuck with the same for our guide this year. Every item is made here, and we're feeling pretty proud of American ingenuity. We've become acquainted over the years with other studios and brands throughout the country, and this years theme gives us an opportunity to pay homage to some of our favorites.

Reducing and reusing depends on having high quality, durable items from the start - American makers have strived for this ideal since at least the Shakers. With natural and sustainable materials more prevalent than ever, I have high hopes for design next year, and witness more consumers being meticulous in their purchases - and therefore less wasteful. 

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