Cut the Bull : In Practice



You may have noticed that at SHIFT, we proudly make our products in the USA.

We cut the bull and provide products without any funny business overseas. What’s the real reason why we keep things in America you may ask? In a word - sustainability.


Before our product reaches your doorstep, it has to be manufactured. We manufacture our products in our home state Pennsylvania to reduce carbon emissions by skipping production abroad and international freight. That way we significantly cut down on transportation costs - a few hours by truck versus the days-worth or even weeks-worth of transportation mumbo jumbo between container ships, planes, and automobiles.

We produce in America to enforce strict quality guidelines for every product SHIFT makes. We have much more oversight over manufacturing. It’s much easier to regulate manufacturing on native soil to get prototypes and to roll out products effectively and promptly. This way, we provide you the quality, long-lasting products you expect to bring home and cherish daily.

The majority of our products, ranging from our BEEKMAN to our WYLIE, consist solely of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most recycled metals in the U.S. You can recycle and reform aluminum limitlessly! Skipping over extracting new, raw materials, which releases more carbon emissions, manufacturing with recycled aluminum minimizes impact on the environment.


Sustainability benefits our community. Keeping manufacturing in the U.S. provides Americans jobs and helps the local economy. Using recyclable materials like aluminum reduces landfill space to leave more room for the good things in life like parks and greenery, raising your quality of life in the process.


Of course we encourage other businesses to jump on the bandwagon to manufacture in the U.S. Keeping the planet greener by minimizing environmental impact, creating jobs in the local community, and growing local business - sustainability is better for the now and for the future!     


William May