Fairmount : origins


The FAIRMOUNT Tile Planter was introduced in Summer 2013 when SHIFTSPACE worked with the Urban Outfitters HQ in Philadelphia to install a green roof system using 2,000 of our FAIRMOUNT tiles. The successful and stunning installation rolled into an introduction of FAIRMOUNT to the residential market for city dwellers. With small, outdoor environments that are often left empty or void of plants in the metropolitan area - we saw a need. There wasn’t enough inviting plant life due to limited space, but truly relaxing outdoors begs for a green oasis.


FAIRMOUNT Tile Planter solves this green-less-ness problem. The tiles fit snug, mimicking custom solutions, and simplify planting flowers, vegetables, and sedums in otherwise unfit spaces. They bring a breath of fresh air to the outdoors whether you’re in the city, suburbs, the country or beyond. In an article released by MSU, green roofs retain 60%-100% of stormwater and increase the lifespan of roofs by protecting roofs from natural elements like rain and UVs. Through combatting the concrete jungle, aiding in heat reduction, improving stormwater management, and increasing air quality, the FAIRMOUNT Tile Planter with ease brings the benefits of nature to the city with superior mobility.


Like all SHIFT products, FAIRMOUNT is built to be used again and again, and crafted using ethical fabricators in the USA. The 15”x15” tiles are composed of recyclable aluminum with connectors to securely fit the tiles in place. Each tile includes EPDM rubber feet so you can use the tiles on materials that don’t agree with aluminum - like copper! Each tile features upcycled coffee bags as soil bags that we sourced in collaboration with La Colombe Coffee - an effort to bring local materials slated for the landfill a new purpose. We also just love La Colombe - check them out at @lacolombe on Instagram, and while you’re at it give us a follow @shiftmakes!


Have fun and tap into your creativity putting the tiles together - in a square block, or running along the perimeter of your porch. Lightweight potting soil is best to use with the FAIRMOUNT and the most fun comes when you plant and grow your home garden! Upload your FAIRMOUNT on Instagram and tag us @shiftmakes so we can feature your garden or green roof. Happy gardening, everyone!

William May