Fire Up Summer

SHIFT (@shiftmakes) at Cuttalossa - PICNIC

This season we’re inspired by outdoor family picnics under warm, pink summer skies. We kicked off the season with a successful launch for our Summer pop-up at Cuttalossa in Old City. The scent of citronella with a hint of woodsmoke filled the space, hard lemon iced tea from QC Malt was on tap, and bubbly conversations were flowing - but in case you missed the launch, don’t worry! The popup is there all summer long (June 2 thru August 20) featuring our modern outdoor furniture and accessories, as well as a special candle collab with Olliver and a selection of visually striking seeds, beans, and birdseed. Our aim is the urban garden, but everything is at home in any outdoor backyard, frontyard, patio or stoop.


The pop-up embodies summer nights, especially the focal point - our newly unveiled PICWIC Picnic Table. PICWIC is manufactured from recycled aluminum in America with Yellow Cedar tops and benches hand crafted by our building-mates, reclaim lumber lovers Kole Made, in their Philadelphia workshop. The wood is sourced from Water Towers in the Tri-State area, where every 30 years the wood for these towers need to be replaced - making them a prime material for use in sustainable manufacturing.


SHIFT (@shiftmakes) at Cuttalossa Pop-up 2017

On our PICWIC Table and beside our high-flying BEEKMAN Bird Feeder sits the Smoked Citronella Candle, our 2017 Summer collaboration with Olliver Lifestyle of Ohio. Cuttalossa’s beautiful, hand-loomed bath and body textiles surround the popup, lending a cozy environment to our clean-line furnishings. Cuttalossa sources local cotton and alpaca wool from New Jersey, and curates a weaver’s collective in Southern Turkey. We've seen such a positive response on everything thus far and anticipate more collaborations with SHIFT coming up!

As a reminder - the pop-up is open now through August 20th during regular Cuttalossa business hours, go check it out for yourself.


SHIFT @ Cuttalossa
47 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia PA 19106