Gift Guide 2017



Happy Holidays!

To ring in this joyous month of December (whew, we made it), we've compiled a gift guide curated by our team for the most discerning people on your list. 

Since each item at SHIFT is made in the USA, we stuck with the same for our guide this year. Every item is made here, and we're feeling pretty proud of American ingenuity. We've become acquainted over the years with other studios and brands throughout the country, and this years theme gives us an opportunity to pay homage to some of our favorites.

Reducing and reusing depends on having high quality, durable items from the start - American makers have strived for this ideal since at least the Shakers. With natural and sustainable materials more prevalent than ever, I have high hopes for design next year, and witness more consumers being meticulous in their purchases - and therefore less wasteful. 

We didn't try to keep it under $100 or under $50, but most ended up fitting into either category. Click through the titles to inquire further - and feel free to shoot us an email if you need some more help. Our elves have way more product loves that didn't make the list this time around. Enjoy.



Duo Wine Carrier | Graf + Lantz

Practical and ingenious - the Duo is a dual bottle wine carrier for style and function. Keeps your bottles and chilled and safe. Considerate gift for a host/ hostess or your family and friends.



Pour-Over Dripper | Ben Medansky

Will visited the Medansky studio well before the fire - and will always be a fan. Designed for small batch coffee making, this simple device brews the perfect mug of mud. 


Desktop Pad | Appointed

This pad offers an easy way to keep track of your weekly schedule and tasks, while jotting down a design or two on its premium perforated stock.



Brass Collet Corkscrew | Fort Standard

This multi-functional bottle opener features a concealed corkscrew. Machined from solid brass, the slender body holds a steel corkscrew spiral inside of a split sheath reminiscent of a collet that provides a satisfying snap when opening and closing the tool.



Alpaca Sport Socks | Cuttalossa

The Alpaca Sport Socks from local love Cuttalossa are durable, moisture-wicking and padded for comfort. They're the best alpaca socks we've found, and will certainly keep you warm and comfy on a hike, in the garden or at the office. Suck it, wool and cotton.



Round Luxe Wallet | Makr

Accommodating 6 cards (should you really be carrying more?) this hand sewn, burnished, American made wallet is a cut above the standard, and the cashier will notice.



Bob Lamp | Talbot & Yoon

Oh, Tablot + Yoon. It's been on my list for over a year - and I just want someone to gift me your Bob Lamp. Truly, this is among the best gifts for the design minded - who wouldn't cherish this cute little lamp?



Santalum | Ranger Station Co.

Smoking sandalwood and supple tanned leather combine with the slight spice of cardamom for Ranger Jon’s favorite scent to date - and ours too.



Rockwell Midi Bag | Future Glory Co.

Ring handles ftw, the Rockwell Midi is handcrafted from premium leather and brass hardware in San Francisco. Simple enough to suit any outfit, and strong enough to make a statement.


Corkscrew Wall Hook | This That

We like This That's smart 'n simple metal designs. The Corkscrew Wall Hook is a fun way to hang almost anything. Eight full turns create a series of hooks perfectly proportioned for uses throughout the home or office.



Bin | Re.Bin

Simple, huh? This bag won't soil the floor. Made in Vermont from 100% recycled plastic, RE.BIN can be used with a paper grocery bag liner for an easy, clean, sustainable experience.



Mini Basket | Bend Goods

An early design from when SHIFT Brand Director William May worked with Bend, these Wire Baskets add personality to any modern home or office.




Sure, it's one of ours, but it's definitely deserving of the gift list. Our BEEKMAN Bird Feeder is a small triumph of American fabrication, and the perfect complement to traditional or modern architecture. Your yard'll be the talk of the flock.



Plane 5 Wall Hook | Fire Road

This minimal wall hook x 5 adds function and play to the mess room. Or maybe the garden? Fire Road keeps it modern + concise, and entirely USA made with North American hardwoods. 



Print Rack | fruitsuper

For all those who believe print will never die, the simple + efficient Print Rack by FruitSuper keeps magazine and newspaper piles up off the floor. I imagine it working equally well with logs for the fireplace this winter.



Fin Coasters | Souda

American resourcefulness is proudly displayed in these impeccable coasters produced through a unique partnership with a manufacturer of industrial heat sinks. By reimagining a complex manufacturing technique, Fin Coasters add the polished industrial touch you’ve been looking for.

$48 / Set of 4


Handblown Whiskey Glass | Decicio Artisan Glass

Your best whiskey belongs in an equally impressive glass. Hand blown, this smoky grey glass is the kind of barware we want to display out in the open, whether it's happy hour or not. Hand Blown.

$118 / Set of 4


Forest Floor Incense Sticks | PLTNC

Brand Director Will was turned onto these ethereal 45 minute relaxation sticks by New York concept shop Maison 10 - thanks Henri! Their notes are Oakmoss, Vanilla, Cedarwood, & Amber, and they'll make you forget anything you know about incense.



I know I'll be giving a few of these this winter to family and friends...

Remember though, 

1. home-made and DIY gifts are sometimes the best kind

2. wrap your presents in newsprint or other reused material.

3. and try drinking some Glöet this year - Will had some in Finland last week and gives it the big "thumbs up".


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