Introducing Beekman


The talk of the flock.



For the modern bird (and human)

Coated aluminum, walnut dowel and platinum paracord united in a crisp clean modern design.

Voila. Your yard is the talk of the flock.


BEEKMAN Bird Feeder is here.



The latest member to the SHIFT family probably flies the highest. Our BEEKMAN Bird Feeder is built for the backyards of the design driven, but also a quality birding option for enthusiasts in a sea of poorly made plastic and wooden options. 

Hailing from Philadelphia, our updated BEEKMAN Bird Feeder is built for every birding enthusiast's yard. Every component is still made in America of the highest quality materials on the market. 


Birds everywhere have been asking for a modern option. They've have been chirping and cawing all over the country this week, and we know how to bring them home. 

The way we see it, for all the beauty they present - birds deserve the same high standards as humans do. Our new modern yellow and white Bird Feeder is fabricated in Pennsylvania from durable powder-coated aluminum, so it won't rust when spring showers.


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