Opt Outside : Picnics


On a sun-drenched Sunday your schedule is cleared and you’re sitting on the couch fixated on your computer deciding whether to buy a sweater in Rustic Pink or Bold Red. All the while, the sky is spotless and your backyard patio is void of laughter and chatter. 

You want to clear your mind, get a breath of fresh air, and change up the scenery. Putting the electronic devices down, you and your loved ones go outside for a picnic. Getting outside is beneficial and essential for us holistically. Find the time to get friends, family, and co-workers outside and away from the mumbo jumbo of life - even if it’s for a short lunch break. Unwinding from social media, work, and other responsibilities is a mood booster and provides space for motivation and game-changing ideas.        


Eating outside allows us to get our needed dose of Vitamin D. Catching some UVs and breaths of fresh air is a big destresser. Being around nature brings happiness! All the while, you’re bonding with family and friends over wine and great food. For big get togethers, you can bring games like cornhole, frisbee, and soccer. If you’re dining alone, you get me time and self-reflection in your outdoor sanctuary.

Embrace the picnic this summer. We’ll be introducing our PICWIC Table at the Philadelphia textile showroom Cuttalossa June 2. Cuttalossa sources local cotton and alpaca wool from New Jersey and utilizes local looms to craft socks, blankets, pillows, and towels. SHIFT will feature a smoky citronella candle that embodies summer nights - poured by Olliver, a bird’s eye picnic vignette, and a variety of seed options to grow in your urban garden - alongside our modern outdoor product line available for purchase.

Come to the opening event Friday, June 2. Details are on Instagram @shiftmakes.  

William May