Summer Outdoor Vibes

Spring is officially sprung - and I've got a new patio to outfit. Admittedly, it's a small, urban patio deck and we rent, so looking at traditional outdoor setups isn't particularly useful. We're also not that interested in replicating traditional outdoor spaces.

To give an overview of where my head's at, the Shift team has curated a few examples, tips and tricks towards getting the kind of space you deserve this Spring and Summer. Many of which may or may not make their way into my urban balcony as well this summer.

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Patio A Frame - Vintage Mid Century

A unique Midcentury patio covering focused around a circular, low platform coffee table and seating. Of course decked out with minimalist planters and tasteful hanging lanterns.


The Ellis Curved Bench by Grazia & Co paired with an Ellis Table is a really great space-saving outdoor dining option that keeps it light with a stainless steel wire frame. It's a smart patio fixture, and a hard-working focal point as well.

Seamless Transition from Indoor to Outdoor

Sure - the carpet may get a little wet, and possibly need replacement after a few months - but this transitional indoor / outdoor living arrangement is so ideal I could cry. We're firm believers in taking regular indoor activities outside, pool or no pool. Renter or owner. From dining to reading to working and watching.


We're fond of the indoor / outdoor sales pitch Ferm Living has spun for these planters. Staged here with a downright enviable herb garden and a couple bottles of presumably herbacious beverages next door, we're looking at proof these planters could suit any environment. I actually just picked up a few for myself with an add on brass tray.

Ferm Living
Cooking Outside - Eating Outside

Photos from the 50s tend to feel a little dated with their display of traditional gender roles, and this one's no exception - but look at that bar and it's seamless door connection separating indoor and outdoor. It's a startlingly original take that we would look forward to cooking in.

Boxhill - Outdoor living room

A stellar outdoor living room from our retailer Boxhill, we're in love with an outdoor rug and cushion setup. Feels like conversation here could go on for hours.


Heat is the focal point of this outdoor living room by Ten Eyck. Not shown, an incredible array of textural details that would make any museum envious. The stonework on this Austin Texas home is incredible.

Ten Eyck Landscape - Bridle
Harlem RBI Dream Charter School Roofscape - Scape

If we could make major changes to the patio and roofdeck, platforms and stairs that function as impromptu seating would certainly be top of the list. Scape does a masterful job here on a commercial project roofscape in New York


Planters that don't take up living space...assorted all-white lounge, chaise and tables...hydrangea's a bloom. This patio by DIGS seems remarkably easy to live with - and the backdrop of the city just adds another level of energy.

3rd Street Roofdeck - DIGS
Rambler - Wylie 2016's a roof deck Shiftspace and Shift worked on way back when Rambler Picnic Table and the Wylie Hose Reel were in version 1.0. We're still big fans of this minimalist pairing of a tweaked picnic table with a wall bench on one side for privacy.


A Philadelphia row home with maximized outdoor living space by Shiftspace featuring our old model Funston Fire Pit. Usable space is really in large supply here - which is impressive for Philadelphia's typically-small outdoor areas.

Garance Doré’ Yard

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg


A recent feature by Domino of Garance Doré's LA home reveals an impeccably curated interior that extends into a small but effective patio space. The traditional sofa, armchair, coffee table setup of a living room is utilized here to great effect using outdoor/indoor finishes and furniture. We're in love.


Still figuring out shade for the space, but setup is mostly figured out. We'll be creating an outdoor setup reminiscent of a living room - complete with comfortable seating and tech amenities. Perhaps a TV if I can make it work... and a Rambler Picnic Table as well, of course.

Take care, Will