Wake up and smell the flowers! Our fast-approaching pop-up launch at THE summer gift boutique Cuttalossa will feature seeds and beans you can plant around the city or grow in the yard. And because we don’t believe in small quantity paper envelopes, we’ve packed em in substantial custom glass bottles with branded tops. Be they decoration, reused or gifted - the bottles make planting even easier on the eyes. 

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First off, we’ll be offering Ruby Chard - an easy-to-grow outdoor varietal of Swiss Chard sown 6 inches apart and 1 inch deep. It’s leaves are used in light summer salads, and the stalks of Ruby Chard can be charred with olive oil and eaten as a nutty, nutrient-dense fibrous garden vegetable.

Calypso bean seeds are a variety of Phaseolus Vulgaris that is tenderly known as Yin Yang for their strong resemblance to the Chinese symbol dating to third century BC. These seeds retain their crisp pattern from pod to table, despite doubling in size when cooked. Plant bean seeds 2-4 inches apart and 1 inch deep.




Asparagus officinalis has been consumed as a vegetable and medicine since at least 3000 BC - it’s consistent use owing to its distinct flavour and diuretic properties. Fern-like in growth, the plant is cut short to the ground during harvest. Asparagus is first grown into “crowns”, then re-planted the next growing cycle to produce the familiar greens of classic friendly gatherings.

 Calendula Officinalis is an edible medicinal wonder whose aromatic flowers can be collected and ground into oils and salves to assist skin healing, oral health and inflammation. Calendula typically blooms quickly from seed (in under two months) in bright yellows, golds and oranges. Plant 6 inches apart and ¼ inch deep.

Birds Egg bean seeds are an heirloom variety of Phaseolus Vulgaris originating from Missouri in 1880. They are pigmented tan with red markings mimicking brown birds eggs. The pods appear bright purple with white streaks, and the bean is aromatic with a creamy, almost potato-like texture. Plant bean seeds 2-4 inches apart and 1 inch deep.



Our smoky Citronella candle poured by Olliver is arriving this weekend for the June to Augustpop-up shop within Cuttalossa at Old City, Philly. They’re dropping off a few new ones for Jinxed as well - go get ‘em while you can! Olliver’s line of candles is distinguished by their detailed blends and hearty spirit-forward soy wax combinations. Also joining the space in conjunction with Meadowsweet Mercantile is ceramic heavyweights Felt + Fat. We’ve been a fan of theirs for years, and are still lusting after their Rikumo collab from the past year.


From 6-9 PM First Friday June 2nd we’ll be offering complimentary refreshments courtesy of Quaker City Mercantile - purveyors of high-spirited liquor craftsmen Art in the Age, Quaker City Malt Co. Lo-Fi Aperitifs and Tamworth Distilling Co. In the front of the space will be fellow Brewerytown neighbors Crime & Punishment Brewing Co., whose flavor-packed brews will keep the night bubbly.




Stay tuned for additional First Friday festivities at Cuttalossa and Meadowsweet throughout the summer-long engagement. Engage enjoyment this summer, it looks like it’ll be warm weather from here on but the nights remain a tad chilly - so best to bundle up with a blanket or two from Cuttalossa. Their bright vibrant pillows and textiles for the summer are crafted from locally sourced materials and dyed by hand. For supreme comfort - indulge yourself in some threads.


June 2, 6-9 PM @

47 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


William May