Wylie : origins


The WYLIE Hose Reel is one of our most popular and acclaimed products - but the story of how our WYLIE came to be is a bit more obscure.

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In 2009 when SHIFT began, we designed the WYLIE specifically for our urban-friendly FITZWATER Rain Tank. With a complete lack of small space gardening equipment or hip urban options, we made our own playful hose reel and called it WYLIE. Since then we've made a few tweaks, but in 2016 we designed the second version with Bend Goods alum William May, who is now our Brand Director - this time in aluminum, a lighter and longer-lasting material as well as one of the most recycled metals in the US. Version 2.0 also mounts directly to your fence, wood siding or masonry walls.

WYLIE is well-considered, durable and made sustainably in the USA, specifically Pennsylvania. The form activates spaces by bringing a welcome counterpoint to the often organic nature of urban farming through its pure geometric form. Despite its rigid lines, the smooth contours of WYLIE break down conceptions of the product being exclusively mid century or modern. Our three simple colorways allow WYLIE to feel at home in nearly any environment, and resist the elements of Mother Nature with aluminum, which will never rust in these April showers and hold up well in the ocean breeze.

Talking about aluminum - it is an ideal material for any product intended to last. It is a 100% recyclable metal that reduces waste, saves energy, and creates jobs for many Americans. You can recycle and reform aluminum over and over - forever! Our product is guaranteed to be 100% recycled by your local curbside and community recycling programs - keeping your backyard and community greener.


Our sleek, modern WYLIE Hose Reel is the ideal addition to add edge for any outdoor environment. Hose hooks are an outdoor product that is often overlooked - no more, you'll want to show off WYLIE.


Springtime is here and the time is ripe to SHIFT your outdoor garden and patio for warmer weather. Set your hose on our wall mountable hose reel, and you'll be watering your flowers, herbs, and vegetables in style for years to come.

Our 2009 WYLIE that started it all.

Our 2009 WYLIE that started it all.

William May