WYLIE Hose Reel

WYLIE Hose Reel



Hose Reel


We crafted this hose hook to check all the boxes - part sculpture, part garden tool, part friend. Whether you're entertaining, watering the plants, or reading a book - this minimalist wall mounted hose reel elevates the porch and patio.


Built for reel life.




LEAD     Tim Barnes

ASSISTANCE   William May

MATERIAL   Coated Aluminum

DIMENSIONS   14"L x 13"W x 8"H



One of our best sellers since 2009, WYLIE is a minimalist take on the garden hose reel. We’re committed to activating entire home environments - including the less considered but thoroughly visible. Since its redesign in 2016, WYLIE is a lighter, more durable hose hook made from high-gauge aluminum and powder-coated to resist the elements.

Like every SHIFT product, WYLIE is made in the USA of sustainable materials. Whether you’re entertaining, watering your plants, or reading a book - this minimalist and wall mountable hose reel elevates the porch and patio. This is the design object you've been looking for.


Hardware is not included with the WYLIE Hose Reel due to the variance in home exterior wall requirements.

We suggest Stainless Steel Exterior options, and a larger head for the mounting hole screw is recommended. For Concrete and Masonry, we suggest a #10 Pan Head Tapcon Screws and/or Anchor Bolts, and for Wood frame construction, we suggest #10 Pan Head Wood screws.

For additional information, please contact us at hello@shiftmakes.com and we'll be happy to get you sorted.


WYLIE can be custom coated and fabricated in small batch quantities for the contract and construction markets. Inquire with our friendly team at order@shiftmakes.com to get started.