Wylie Hose Reel

Wylie Hose Reel


A sculptural aluminum hook to coil your garden hose on.


designer           SHIFTSPACE
origin                USA
material            coated aluminum
dimensions       length: 14.3” | width: 7.6” | height: 12.9”


This design by Shiftspace eliminates unsightly tangled hoses and is manufactured of industrial-grade powder-coated aluminum, so the worry of rust is also eliminated. The Wylie holds up to 100 feet of hose for small and large yards.

The Wylie hose reel is a formal study on the humble garden hose hook, a high-visibility component of outdoor space.

WYLIE Hose Reel - Cuttalossa shoot, White

Mounting hardware is not included with the Wylie Hose Reel due to the extreme variance in exterior wall conditions.

We suggest stainless steel exterior options with a larger head for the mounting hole screw. For Concrete and Masonry, we suggest a #10 Pan Head Tapcon Screws and/or Anchor Bolts, and for Wood frame construction, we suggest #10 Pan Head Wood screws. These can be found at your local hardware store.

For more assistance, get in touch and we'll be happy to get you sorted.


Wylie can be color matched to your project for an additional charge. Contact the team at Shift to receive a quote.