Beekman Bird Feeder

Beekman Bird Feeder


A contemporary play on the classic pitched birdfeeder.

Backordered through September 2019 - expect delays.


designer           SHIFTSPACE
origin                USA
material            coated aluminum, black walnut, paracord
dimensions       length: 12” | width: 10.6” | height: 7.6”


This birdhouse has an open floor plan.

A modern Gable roof protects from rain and sun, while the wooden dowel running all the way through provides both indoor and outdoor seating for the birds.

No fasteners are needed — just bring the industrial-grade powder-coated roof and base together then thread the military-grade nylon cord through to secure and suspend.

Beekman Bird Feeder, Yellow with seeds in tree
BEEKMAN Bird Feeder, White | Modern Outdoor Living / @shiftmakes | Browse at

The Beekman adds play to architecture, with a clean simple form that will seamlessly work with any garden design motif.